Friday, 30 July 2010

Holiday Polishes

While I was packing for my little holiday my biggest dilemma, apart from taking too many clothes, was choosing which polishes to take! 

I couldn't take too many but I couldn't rule too many out!

This was my final selection.

I think I covered all bases!

However I have to admit I only wore a couple of them! 

I went wearing OPI You Don't Know Jaques so took the bottle for top ups and repairs. I wore that for a few days until I got paint all over my hands from decorating the house!

Then I switched to OPI Shorts Story. Its such a pretty pink and it goes/tones/clashes nicely with so many if my clothes. When I say clashes I mean, I had a turquoise top on so the pink is opposite but in a good way!

Then finally I used OPI Hot and Spicy to travel home in!

I only changed my toe polish once. I wore Nails Inc Spring Mews almost the whole time!

Again it tones or clashes with the taupe and the pink I wore and looked fab with my pink Birkenstocks that I wore loads!

I only changed it on the last day to Number Seven 60's Mini Skirt, the cream colour, to go with the orange of the Hot and Spicy.

Well that was my holiday in nail varnish form! I thought I'd be more inclined to change my polish but I wasn't!

What would be your holiday polish must haves?


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