Thursday, 29 July 2010

Holiday Haul and a Few Snaps!

Hey Guys!

I'm back from my hols! I had a wonderful time, I just love spending time with my family, there are almost no other people in the world I would rather be with! I went to the south of France and I happened to have my birthday while I was away.

My parents have renovated a house in the south about an hour from Toulouse.

The house was just signed off this week! So we went to start decorating and painting shutters.

We arrived on Bastille Day and saw the most amazing fireworks display I have ever seen!

Le Tour De France came through a nearby village so we went to have a look.
It was all over in 5 minutes but I'm glad I saw it all!

Market day in the local town.

My birthday cake!

I bought a few things from MAC at the airport.

I bought a blotting powder in Light, its a translucent powder and gives no colour. I wanted to get this instead of always using my MSF as I don't always need to re-touch my actual make up, it works but I am a little underwhelmed. I don't like the powder puff it comes with so I have had more success with using my kabuki brush.

I bought Well Dressed blusher. It swatched really nicely on my hand and I used it the first day of my holiday but I didn't really feel the colour came out on my cheeks. Maybe it'll show up a little better on paler skin towards the winter, I'll give it another chance then!

Finally on a whim I purchased a Plushglass in Pretty Plush. I just bought it as I liked the colour I didn't realise they were different to normal Lipglasses until I put it on and felt the tingle of the lip plumping ingredients! It was a surprise!! I had no idea MAC did this type of product!

I lost my favourite ever sunglasses while I was away, within the first few days! I was gutted! I couldn't continue my holiday without any so I had to buy some!

In France they sell sunglasses in opticians and they are usually high end brands. I couldn't justify spending a lot knowing I had two perfectly good pairs at home, however these had 60% off! Bargain! They don't mess around with designer brands in France so I know they are for real, they were 120 euros and I got them for 48! There were no high street shops in the local town and I didn't go to Toulouse until midway through the second week and I couldn't wait that long, I don't want to encourage any wrinkles around the eyes!

Speaking of Toulouse they have a Sephora! I had to go! It didn't seem to be have as much as the stateside stores but I had to buy something with Sephora on it!

So I bought a Sephora brand nail polish in Brownie. They didn't have the OPI for Sephora there, *sadface* Everything else I felt I could get in the UK, and the exchange rate isn't good enough to go mad!

Finally my birthday pressie was a beautiful silver bangle

I love it! It's so simple but very pretty on, its a little big so it goes all the way up my arm but I don't mind that!

So that was two weeks in a nutshell! I'm going back in September and I cannot wait!

Have you had your holiday yet?



  1. Great post, France looks gorgeous! I went to Nice, Cannes and Monaco a few years ago and it was lovely. Those fireworks look amazing too! Happy belated birthday, the bangle is gorgeous x

  2. I was in Paris over Bastille day, the fireworks round the Eiffel tower were amazing. Its a shame we dont do anything like that for st georges :(

  3. I agree with you about Well-dressed, it didn't show up on me hardly, and im not tan. Happy belated Birthday!!:D

  4. @fueledbymanda - Thanks! I love the bangle so much! I haven't been to any of those places but now we have a base in France it should be easy! x

    @Louisa - I know, even our own Firework night seems pathetic! x

    @whimsysophisticat - Thanks! I'll give Well dressed another go when I'm paler! x

  5. Sephora in Toulouse is the only sephora I have ever been in, spent a heavenly hour there one morning 2 years ago and could have spent much longer but a coffee was calling my name!

  6. I didn't realise there were two in Toulouse, I think I went to the smaller one in a mall and then there was one in the big square near the Town Hall!