Friday, 2 July 2010

Bringing a little SATC glam into my life!

I went to see Sex And The City 2 this week, I bloomin loved it!

So glam, total escapism and fabulous outfits!

I couldn't help but notice the nails the girls were sporting, particularly Samantha. She has some amazing falsies adorned with crystals and jewels and I spotted a bit of Minx in there too.

One manicure that really stood out for me was in a scene when they were at dinner in the hotel.
Samantha had black nails with a stunning shiny chrome gold moon at the bottom.

I have tried to re-create that look!

I hope you can make it out, I couldn't get it to photograph well, click the picture and it will be bigger.

I applied Orly's Luxe all over the nail, wait for it to dry properly.

Then with a steady hand apply two coats of a black polish, I used Chanel's Black Satin, a little higher than you would normally to show off the gold band at the bottom. Take your time here, you don't want to mess up the gold coat.

Then apply a high gloss top coat, I used Nails Inc Albert Bridge.

I really love it! The gold catches the light subtly enough to notice its not just a black nail.

If I do it again, I may leave a thicker band of gold at the bottom as I love the flash of gold so much!

What do you think, will you give it a go?



  1. Looks great but i don't think i could get it to look that good on me!

  2. i am absolutely loving a black nail right now. I have to go out and buy some. Looks great! love the glam edgyness of ur look:)