Monday, 9 January 2012

Jo Malone Cologne Coffret

I can safely say this is my first and main obsession for the new year! I was introduced to this set over Christmas and have become consumed with wanting to purchase full sizes of these fragrances! 

Jo Malone is a brand that I am aware of and have only experienced through my mum buying a cologne from the range many years ago. I had never experienced the pleasure myself. I am not a perfume fiend and I favour only two scents, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I buy one of each and they last me a year or so and I have no desire to seek out another perfume.

Until now.

This set of mini bottles features six of Jo's most popular fragrances. One of the features of a Jo Malone fragrance is that they can be layered and mixed to create unique scents and this little set is the perfect way to experiment. They are completely amazing alone also.

My favourite cologne from the set is the Amber and Lavender. Described as clean, masculine and velvety this fragrance is quite spicy and a little bit manly, which I love! I know the perfume is used by both genders. This perfume is the first to get me excited about wearing it for a very long time and I shall certainly be buying a larger bottle soon.

My second favourite and one I will also purchase soon is the Lime Basil and Mandarin. A completely different style of fragrance this one smells very fresh and of citrus notes. A fragrance for the summer maybe? 

The other bottles in the set are Grapefruit a unique fresh zingy scent, Orange Blossom a floral citrus perfume Pomegranate Noir a warm woody smell and Blue Agava and Cacoa a warm spicy smell with a hint of chocolate! I really do love all six and I'm sure there are more, particularly Nutmeg and Ginger and Wild Bluebell, both sound divine!

Annoyingly this set is only available on a British Airways flight through the in air shopping magazine, I have checked the BA site and you can't buy it online. If you are on a BA flight anytime soon this set is £50 - link-  and a fabulous introduction to the brand. I love that there a six bottles to try as Jo Malone is generally only available online or in a couple of large department stores in London or big cities in the UK. I certainly don't have access to it out here in the sticks and I wouldn't be willing to buy online just based on the names and descriptions. There are a couple in here I would never have tried based on names alone.

Have you got any Jo Malone faves?



  1. This set is perfect- such a shame it isn't readily available! I absolutely love the Wild Bluebell cologne- it is such a subtle but lovely fragrance and I really like the fact that not may people know of this brand or their scents so when you wear them you smell unique. I don't live near any stores that stock this brand so I emailed Jo Malone directly and requested some samples and they were generous enough to send me some which I felt was such fantastic service! All round lovely brand :) xx

  2. What fantastic service, I may try that myself then! I love that in a brand, it doesn't cost them much and they are sure to get a loyal customer out of such a kind service. I'm glad you enjoy Wild Bluebell, I'm quite certain that's the one I would like to try next! xx

  3. I bought a Jo Malone perfume which I loved in the shop, but now, I too am convinced it smells like a man's scent- a very old man's scent-not good! That said, it lasts ages so perhaps I should reinvest with the brand but with a different scent. Rx