Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dorota! Book Me A Manicure!

Ok ok ok! Calm down! I am rather excited about this post!

This weekend I purchased one of the Gossip Girl gift sets from Nails Inc. I chose the Blair set, well basically because I have a huge girl crush on her! Luckily for me the colours in the set were also gorgeous!

There are three sets in the Gossip Girl range, Blair, Lily and Serena. They all include a dark blacked polish with a complimentary topcoat. The top coats are laced with handcut particles of "glitter" although they aren't sparkly like glitter, they glow from within and look jewel-like on the nail.

The final look is amazing, so eyecatching. It's captivating. 

The Blair set has a blackened teal base colour called Blair, and the topcoat called Privileged, has green tones that sometime hint at blue. I used one coat of each, I felt two coats of Blair was unnecessary and two coat of Privileged would have been too busy. It certainly has a different look to glitter polish, the same kind of fun but it just feels different when it's on.

The bottles feature the Gossip Girl logo however these polishes are actually just a re-branded edition of the versions named after three theatres in the Westend of London, The Donmar (Lily), The Wyndham (Blair) and The Old Vic (Serena).  The same sets are available on QVC in the UK and at Sephora in the US. I purchased mine from Debenhams but you can also get the Gossip Girl version from the Nails Inc website.

I absolutely love these! I love the overcoat especially, I wish they were sold separately I have so much polish I don't need the dark base colours. I am definitely asking for the Lily set for Christmas!

Have you tried this topcoat?



  1. I NEED THIS!! haha I now know what to spend my debehmans beauty points on! I was previously torn between a Michael Kors perfume and a new YSL lippie.
    Excited now!
    Did you buy online? Xx

  2. I hate that you have mentioned this. Been putting off looking at these before my hols, now I want it!!! Damn you woman!! lol x

  3. oh my word!!! Gorgeous!!! LOve, Love,love!!!!!

  4. @Cupcake, You will seriously love it!! I bought it in Debenhams, I was pleased I went to look at them, I neeeaaarrrly got the Lily one aswell!! xx

    @Leanne, Mwaahhahhaa!! Joke! xx

    @Lauren, I know!! So gorgeous! xx

  5. I have been ooing and awing about these (I love Blair too)... This sells it totally.

    They are on sale on asos at the moment ...just want to enable you