Monday, 14 November 2011

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go!

So the festive season with soon be upon us and we all start to search for the perfect party dress. I think I've already found mine!

I saw this dress online from Monsoon Fusion but I was keen to try it on first because, although you can't see in the photo, it has some shaping at the hips. I am quite a hippy girl and I was desperately hoping it wouldn't make me look six feet wide and hurrah it didn't!! I had to go up a size as the assistant said that most ladies had been finding it a little tight on the bust, she was right!!

The picture does not do it justice, it has a beautiful shape around the hips and the sleeves have a diagonal sleeve. It also has a chunky zip on the back. When I do get dressed up for a party I'll take a proper picture!!

I had one of those moments in the dressing room where it literally took me two seconds to decide I was buying it! None of that looking at all angles ten times in the mirror, I was in and out in lighting speed!!

I really love most of the Monsoon Fusion range but every so often they produce something that is an absolute must have, I have four or five dresses and tops from them that will be staples in my wardrobe for a long time.

The dress was £65 and you can find it here - link!

I bought some different tights to go with it, obviously black will look fab but I also thought I'd pick out the the mustard colour and the purples.

I purchased the mustard tights from Zara, they are much nicer than the H&M ones I have and as the dress is a little short I thought it would be better to have thicker tights. The Zara tights were £9.99. I also thought some patterned ones would look cool with the dress however I forgot about the length of the dress so I may not be wearing the purple ones! They are still lovely tights, they are from Marks and Spencer and they were £6.

Now who wants to invite me to a party?!



  1. Gorgeous! This is such a Hannah dress! Looking forward to seeing in on you in a OOTD soon x

  2. Love the sleeves on the dress!

  3. @AmyRoto, they look so cool on!