Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bath Time with Umi!

Whilst doing a little bit of food shopping last week in Waitrose I perused the toiletries aisle and my eye was caught by the classy packaging of these Umi products.

On the left is the Fig and Walnut Bath Soak. This smells divine, it's very manly and rich smelling. It comes in a glass bottle which on the one hand I'm always nervous about around the bath but I also the love the luxury feel of the bottle. My skin feels soft and I feel relaxed after a bath.

On the right is the Rice, Honey and Tamanu Shower Milk. Again this smells amazing, it smells soothing and it reminds me of clean clothes and fabric softener! If you are wondering, as I was, what is Tamanu? After a little Googling I can tell you it is an oil that is increasingly being used in skincare and bathing products. It helps to smooth the skin and can help with scars and marks although this product does not make those claims. I really enjoy using this in the morning and I'm sure I saw a body lotion that I may try too.

Umi is made by Waitrose although there is little branding to tell you this, which I also like about the packaging.  To me it feels like a high end spa brand but these products were less than £5 each! Umi uses ingredients from food, plants and flowers to "indulge the body and ease the mind".

Have you tried any Umi products? I know I'll be trying out something else from the range soon!


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  1. These look lovely! I have heard lots of good things about Waitrose bath & body products, just wish I had a waitrose near me! xo