Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Autumn Aspirations

Autumn Aspirations

I have been out to do a little shopping today, mainly to have a look around the shops at my leisure and have a gander at the new Autumn clothing! I did buy a couple of things in H&M, pictures to follow! I am so into the rust colours and rich fabrics, wool, tweed and chunky knits!

I had to put all my findings together in Polyvore and I am using this as my inspiration for my winter wardrobe! I love summer, I really do but it has suddenly turned a bit chilly and it's so hard not to get swept up in the new seasons fashion when they come into the shops so early!

Most of the clothing in the picture is from Monsoon, as is most of my wardrobe!!

Have you seen anything you have to get for the winter yet?!


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  1. I am SO excited about tweed and knitwear! I hate summer; give me 100 deniers and a hat any day!

    You've picked some lovely things; loving that bangle in particular.