Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Arm Candy!

I am a very lucky girl! My Dad treated me to a new handbag that I have lusted after for ages! I was saving up for it myself but I received a lovely text from him at the weekend telling me it was on its way!!

It arrived today!

It's from a brand I have loved for a while, Tabitha. I have a few of their handbags now and my most used bag is one of theirs, although I can't remember the name of it, I got it in a sale when they used to sell their £300 bags for £50!! They don't do this anymore I might add!

Anyway, it's a gorgeous colour and although some may feel the studs are a little over the top, I love them! I think it will contrast nicely with my more girly fashion style. I was hoping it was going to be a vibrant bright yellow but it's a little more muted but still more interesting to me than a black bag. Which incidentally this style does come in a classic black and grey. Fearne Cotton has been spotted toting the black version.

My Mum was also treated to a new bag which I am seriously coveting! She went for the Tabitha Studded Stardust.

It's so soft and the handles are amazingly comfortable, its not too big or heavy unlike mine which is quite heavy before I've even put anything in it!! I love the more subtle studs, complete opposite to my bold ones!

Since my Mum lives abroad she said I can use her bag until I see her in July! She may have to fight me for it!!

My bag came from spoiledbrat.co.uk and has now gone into the sale, and the green Stardust is from the Tabitha website.


P.S Sorry if you follow me on Twitter, I know I've been banging on about this all weekend!! xx


  1. The yellow bag is lovely and I'm all for studs..more the merrier..

  2. oh so pretty! Love the shade of yellow that your bag is :)

  3. Thanks guys!! It had its first outing today! xx

  4. they both look fab! longing for a new bag, but saving for a Louis which may take a long time haha x

  5. Cupcake - I have tried many times to save for a Louis!! x