Saturday, 21 May 2011

OPI Pirates Of The Caribbean Collection

OPI's most recent collection is a collaboration with the lastest Pirates Of The Caribbean film, On Stranger Tides. I first head about the pairing of the two back in February when OPI held a bloggers day in London and pictures started to pop up online later that day. I was beyond excited! I loved the shades of the collection and I adore the films! The film was released in the UK this week and so was the nail varnish collection.

The colours in the collection were not what we were expecting but I think they fit the theme perfectly. Murky dusky pastel colours I think are appropriate for the Caribbean Pirate theme. Having seen the film last night I think they fit in well with the scenery and images from the movie itself.

L-R Skull And Glossbones, Stranger Tides, Mermaids Tears, Planks A Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama.

Skull and Glossbones is a slightly green tinged grey. It looks like a mouldy skull that has been left below deck of the Black Pearl! I love the shade, the hint of green makes it stand out from other greys out there but it still looks classy and sophisticated. Two coats will do the job.

Stranger Tides carries the name of the film and is really gorgeous! An interesting shade its very unusual and it reminds me of an avocado! I can't explain it very well but this colour seems the fit the feel of the film perfectly. I have nothing like it it my stash and I just love it! 

Mermaids Tears is a soft dusky turquoise pastel. I think this will be the most popular colour from the collection and I completely understand why.... its gorgeous! Although similar in tone to other jadey greens, Mermaids Tears has a sort of cloudy effect. The mermaids in the film itself are no brightly coloured Disney mermaids, they are dark characters that live in the depths of the ocean, this colour is reflected in the their tails and is totally appropriate.

Planks A Lot is a foggy purple shade. With definite tones of lilac in the colour, its a very pretty shade. I am always drawn to these colours in the bottle but I find I don't wear them very often. I like this colour a lot and it fits in well with the pastel polishes that are massive this summer.

Sparrow Me The Drama is adorned with our favourite pirates name although I'm not sure this is a colour he would wear himself! It is a murky rose that feels very vintage, it's bright yet dusty. This is the colour I chose to wear when I saw the film and I really enjoyed wearing it. 

There are two more polishes that complete the set, Steady As She Rose and Silver Shatter. I felt the rose wasn't really my colour and I'm still only dabbling in a the crackle craze, although I have heard the silver is very sparkly and paired with the other colours in the collection.

As a collection I love the whole vibe of it, I feel the pastel hues are completely appropriate for the Pirates theme. As for the film itself? I loved it, it was such good fun and on par with the first film, I love the flirting between Jack Sparrow and Penelope Cruz's character Angelica! Go and see it!!



  1. Great swatches I picked up Stranger Tides, Mermaid's Tears, Steady as she Rose and Planks A lot from this collection. I love Mermaid's Tears. I was sent Stranger Tides instead of S&G which I had ordered instead, it's okay, not really crazy about the colour (but definitely different than anything else I have), and oddly very similar to a colour in the new Essie collection too.

  2. i knew you would like these:) And i totally agree that the colors fit the theme. I do love the silver shatter, it very fun, but not obnoxious. Cant wait to see the movie:) Sparrow me the Drama, and Stranger Tides are my fav. I dont think the Steady as She Rose was worth getting either its very runny and you need at least 3 coats.

  3. Justine - Thank you! I was thinking about getting the Essie colour but I may not bother now, it reminds me of Sew Psyched too! S&G is very nice, it suit my skin tone quite well. x

    Whimsysophisticat - I love Stranger Tides too! I'm sure I'll end up getting the Silver Shatter! x

  4. Hey hon loveee that Planks alot, lovely collection xxx

  5. I've seen this collection on a few blogs now and it really does depend on the way the light hits Skull & Glossbones and Strange Tides to how it looks. These look more griege in your pics on others they look really bright - cute scarf too! :D

  6. This collection is right up my street.. the colours are so flattering and you just can't match them with drugstore colours. Where did you purchase yours from please? :) xx

  7. Hannah where did you get these from please? :) x