Friday, 24 February 2012

China Glaze Electric Beat

China Glaze Electic Beat is the only polish I purchased from their new Spring Electropop collection. The collection is a large selection of bright colours a great collection for those needing some new colours. I however, have similar colours that are in the set and this was the only one I couldn't resist or dupe!

A pastel cornflower colour, Electric Beat is a beautiful polish. A dream to apply with it's creamy consistency. Opaque and bright in two coats. 

It will look fab against a hot pink or bright coral or will blend beautifully with the candy coloured jeans that are everywhere this spring.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Lush Stuff!

Ok. So I may have a little problem developing here....

After dabbling in the Lush Christmas offerings I have become rather fond of enjoying a Lush bath. Having used the last of my Gingerbread House I felt I could treat myself to some new bath treats. 

Leap Frog Bath Bomb with his big red pout was an impulse buy based on looks alone! His lips are soft and made of a different substance than his body, I guess it contains some of the oils and maybe a moisturising butter. It smells of jasmine and rose, I like the scent but I'm not amazed by it. It looks good in my bathroom though! The Leap Frog was a limited edition for Valentines so "hop" along soon if you want one!

Excuse the chunk taken out of my Dorothy Bubble Bar as I have already used it! I was attracted by the vibrant blue colour and the uplifting rainbow perched on top! Very appropriate for Spring! I prefer Bubble Bars to Bath Bombs, I think they are better value as they have more uses and I especially love this one as it smells exactly like a Lush shop! One of my favourite smells! It turned my bath a light blue which I enjoyed and the smell was lovely but not lingering.

This the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, I believe the Bubbleroons are new to Lush and this is one of three. It smells of coconut straight away and it feels soft which will be the Shea butter. I hope it's very moisturising which means I can live with the sweet smell which I'm not completely in love with. (Anyone else think it looks like a rudey bum?! Just me then?!)

Lovely Jubblies is a firming cream for your boobies. I've heard positive comments about this cream and was keen to try it after losing weight my jubblies have shrunk a little however they are not small by any stretch! I like the floral smell and the cream itself contains lots of oils for help moisturise the delicate skin. It contains ingredients to help firm the skin. I have only used it a couple of times so I can't comment on it's effects just yet but I will continue to use it up. I was surprised at the price, it was £15.75 for a 100g pot which is fairly small however the cream goes a long way in a fairly small area, depending on your size obviously!

Finally a real hero product from Lush, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. I have purchased this in the past and I still have the pot however it is a year out of date, and although I'm sure it's fine it's full of fresh ingredients so newer is better! I have suffered badly with sore cuticles this year and really needed to treat them. Obviously it smells of lemons but it contains lots of oils mixed with beeswax that effortlessly melts into any dry areas, cuticles, toes or elbows! I noticed a huge difference in one night of use.

Despite finding some gems here I'm not a Lush junkie yet however I'm keen to go back to Lush soon to have a look at the Mothers Day offerings, I think they have new Bubble Bars, my fave!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Charmed, I'm Sure

I went shopping this week and I popped into Topshop for a look at the make up range as it's not available of any of my local To' Sho's.

I was really looking for another nail art pen but they were nowhere to be seen! I noticed the stunning make up on the girls in the images for the new Spring collection called Sisters Of The New Moon and I was bowled over by one of the lipsticks.

Charmed is a glossy light coral, not as orange as it appears in the picture. I absolutely love this colour, for me it's like my perfect nude. So flattering on my skintone and perfect for the summer with bronzed skin, a coral blush and a brown eyeliner.

The lipstick itself is fab. I've not tried a Topshop lipstick before but this one is a great example. It's very soft and glossy however this makes it wear quickly. I felt it was moisturising which is great additional aspect. I'm not a massive fan of the packaging for this one, I preferred the Smoke and Mirrors tortoiseshell tubes. 

The Sisters Of The New Moon collection is available online here, and Charmed is here. This lipstick was £9.


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Essie Haul!

I recently splurged on the new Essie collections, I was desperate for some new Spring colours and their new collections hit the spot!

First up some from Navigate Her, Essie's Spring 2012 collection.

Olé Caliente is a super bright tomato red. It's a stunner, so bright and summery, exactly what I wanted. I realise it's not a unique colour but it's a great version of this shade. I have it on my toes now and I love it! This is two coats and the application was great, smooth and creamy to apply.

Navigate Her was a gamble that paid off! I wasn't sure at first but I really like the light pastel green shade. I have nothing like it in my vast collection of minty colours. The formula was thin but easy to apply it was opaque after two coats but you may feel you need three. 

A Crewed Interest was the badly behaved one of the bunch! A light peach shade, I can't deny I love the colour but this is three coats and the polish itself is quite thin.

Orange, It's Obvious! is a searing bright orange. I love it! It's the brightest orange I own and is the perfect accent colour for the summer. This bright shade was featured in the Mulberry LFW fashion show this weekend and Pantone have selected Tangerine Tango as the colour of the year. Perfect!

Play Date is from Essie's resort collection, a small collection released for the summer, it's called Go Overboard. I have a love hate relationship with lilacs, lavenders and lighter purple shades I love them in the bottle but hate them on my nails. However this one I love! It's super bright! It reminds me of the new Dior polish that I toyed with buying, this will be fine!

Now I had a major DUH moment here! I bought a colour that I already had in my stash! I knew the day would come! I was convinced I didn't own Lapis Of Luxury from the Resort collection of 2010, but I was wrong. Nevermind! The colour is a lovely shade of cornflower blue I love the colour but the polish itself lets it down. Again it's thin and needed three coats China Glaze Electric Beat is a better more opaque version.

Finally Turquoise and Caicos again from Resort 2010 I have wanted this polish for ages! The colour is a gorgeous bright turquoise cream the colour of the ocean lapping a Caribbean island! My God I want a beach holiday soon! Again it's a thin polish but builds in two coats, Barry M's Mint is very very similar you wouldn't need both.... unlike me!

Overall I'm pleased with my new additions, I am particularly in love with Olé Caliente, Orange, It's Obvious! and Play Date.

Have you dabbled in the new collections?!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cobalt VS Coral - NOTD and OOTD

Today I discovered my spring crush....

Nails Inc Baker Street is an almost neon bright cobalt blue and I am completely obsessed with it! As worn by Beyonce last week, I purchased this polish in this weeks Nails Inc, QVC Todays Special Value which if I'm honest I only bought for this colour! I painted it on late last night, virtually in the dark but this morning when I opened my curtains I did a double take when my nails flashed in front of my eyes! Blinding!

Baker Street is still available at QVC, here,  however this polish will be available on the Nails Inc website in March, just in time for the summer!

My second fashion crush of the day is my outfit,

I bought this bright coral shirt from Monsoon this week and today was it's first outing. It's a casual linen shirt that I wore with black leggings and I wore my tribal scarf for the first time too. I felt more comfortable cinching in the shirt with a belt as it's a looser fit, I chose a tan belt today but it would look equally as good with a black or gold belt. I love the contrast with the cobalt blue in the scarf and on my nails! I can't wait to wear this outfit with gold sandals in the summer. 

Apologies for the iPhone picture in the mirror, I would have taken a proper picture this afternoon but linen is not the best fabric for keeping pristine and I'm looking a little creased right now! 

I think these colours will be a big part of my summer wardrobe! 


Saturday, 11 February 2012

MAC Lipstick Collection

My MAC lipstick obsession only began around two years ago and has since swelled to an impressive, or embarrassing 25 tubes!

Well I say my MAC lipsticks I really mean lipstick in general! I was never a massive fan, I had always been a gloss girl in fact I'm certain I only owned one or two lipsticks a couple of years ago. Now however I am fully enamoured with these coloured sticks of joy! I barely feel dressed without a swipe of colour on my lips.

MAC lipsticks for me are a bit like how I feel about nail varnish, I love to have all the different colours and something from the new collection. Making the special journey to the MAC counter to buy one is an exciting treat and an experience I thoroughly enjoy! Of course there's the excitement of Back 2 MAC-ing used up bottles and tubes in exchange for a lovely lipstick.

Anyway on to the good stuff....

Marquise D'- From the Wonder Woman collection last year this is a golden sheer nude, one I don't reach for often but enjoy when I do.
Hue - A MAC classic but unfortunately one I cannot pull off. I can't put my finger on why, maybe its not peachy for me.
Peachstock - A recent addition at the end of last summer and again one that I find difficult to wear alone however it's perfect with a slick of clear gloss.
Dressmaker, Dressmaker - My perfect peach nude and one of my top 5! I'll be all over this if it's ever re-released. I'm saving the rest for the summer.

Costa Chic - A frost and one of my first purchases. Not sure why I originally bought this and I dismissed it, it was left unloved in my stash for a long time. Until this summer when I absolutely fell in love with it! I love it! Such a gorgeous coral perfect for the summer months.
Ravishing - Could this be my favourite lipstick ever? Probably! The most perfect peachy coral. Amazing!
Ever Hip - Shown here twice, the one on the left is the second release of this gorgeous lipstick and the first release in the stunning Liberty packaging. The first lipstick I completely fell in love with! 

Neon Orange - A vibrant bright orange shade it's glossy and creamy and again a top 5 for me!
Full Speed Ahead - My first and only Sheen Supreme but it won't be my last. This one is a pink toned coral, a very saturated colour and very glossy. Great lipsticks and I'm looking forward to trying some more.
Hibiscus - Similar to Neon Orange but it's toned down more chilled out sister. Housed in the limited edition Surf Baby collection from last summer.

Ruby Woo - A matte classic red, best applied with a liner and a lip brush. I purchased it for the Christmas party season and it fit the bill perfectly.
Cockney - My first foray with a red lippie. A nice one to start with, a gentle shimmery glossy red.
Mehr - From the Mickey Contractor collection this is a brown toned pink that I find very flattering. I ignored it when I first received it however I have recently enjoyed wearing this grown up shade!

Viva Glam Gaga - A stunning cool toned pink, stunning with a tan. Very glad I own this one!
Viva Glam Cyndi - A raspberry red, an easy to wear colour only worn it a few times.
Viva Glam V - From a Christmas collection this is a warm gold toned nude. Again only worn a few times.

Snob - A light pink, I have good days and bad days with this one. At the moment it looks horrible on me, with a tan maybe better.
Lovelorn - A gorgeous easy to wear everyday pink, one I will always repurchase.
Speed Dial - Brighter than Lovelorn my most worn lipstick. Gorgeous!
Made With Love - A frost, pink with coral tones. Very pretty but not one I choose often.

Candy Yum Yum - An almost neon matte pink. Quite difficult to wear I prefer to wear a gloss with it and save it for sunny days or nights out! I do love it though!
Pink Nouveau - My favourite bright pink, still cool toned but so pretty. A staple in my collection.
Gulabi - A warm toned bright raspberry pink. Totally stunning, This is my evening lipstick, I think it's similar to Girl About Town although I don't own it. I always get compliments when I wear it.
Impassioned - My most recent addition and its a gorgeous bright bold pink. I enjoy wearing this on confident days!!

Phew! That was a lot! 

I love my whole collection, I can't find a dud one in there! I'm not stopping there however! There are some amazing collections coming this year, I want four from the new MAC Shop, MAC Cook collection! Argh!

On my wish list are Lady Danger, Girl About Town, Morange and Viva Glam Nicki.

I think my next purchase will be Shy Girl as loved by Laura, Lollipop26, who as a lipstick connoisseur suggests it should be in everyone's collection!

Do you have any faves I should swatch next time I'm in MAC?