Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Lush Stuff!

Ok. So I may have a little problem developing here....

After dabbling in the Lush Christmas offerings I have become rather fond of enjoying a Lush bath. Having used the last of my Gingerbread House I felt I could treat myself to some new bath treats. 

Leap Frog Bath Bomb with his big red pout was an impulse buy based on looks alone! His lips are soft and made of a different substance than his body, I guess it contains some of the oils and maybe a moisturising butter. It smells of jasmine and rose, I like the scent but I'm not amazed by it. It looks good in my bathroom though! The Leap Frog was a limited edition for Valentines so "hop" along soon if you want one!

Excuse the chunk taken out of my Dorothy Bubble Bar as I have already used it! I was attracted by the vibrant blue colour and the uplifting rainbow perched on top! Very appropriate for Spring! I prefer Bubble Bars to Bath Bombs, I think they are better value as they have more uses and I especially love this one as it smells exactly like a Lush shop! One of my favourite smells! It turned my bath a light blue which I enjoyed and the smell was lovely but not lingering.

This the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, I believe the Bubbleroons are new to Lush and this is one of three. It smells of coconut straight away and it feels soft which will be the Shea butter. I hope it's very moisturising which means I can live with the sweet smell which I'm not completely in love with. (Anyone else think it looks like a rudey bum?! Just me then?!)

Lovely Jubblies is a firming cream for your boobies. I've heard positive comments about this cream and was keen to try it after losing weight my jubblies have shrunk a little however they are not small by any stretch! I like the floral smell and the cream itself contains lots of oils for help moisturise the delicate skin. It contains ingredients to help firm the skin. I have only used it a couple of times so I can't comment on it's effects just yet but I will continue to use it up. I was surprised at the price, it was £15.75 for a 100g pot which is fairly small however the cream goes a long way in a fairly small area, depending on your size obviously!

Finally a real hero product from Lush, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. I have purchased this in the past and I still have the pot however it is a year out of date, and although I'm sure it's fine it's full of fresh ingredients so newer is better! I have suffered badly with sore cuticles this year and really needed to treat them. Obviously it smells of lemons but it contains lots of oils mixed with beeswax that effortlessly melts into any dry areas, cuticles, toes or elbows! I noticed a huge difference in one night of use.

Despite finding some gems here I'm not a Lush junkie yet however I'm keen to go back to Lush soon to have a look at the Mothers Day offerings, I think they have new Bubble Bars, my fave!



  1. Love it!

    the lips on the leap frog are cocoa butter, so they'll moisturize. The smell of the leap frog is much better in the water. The other day I demoed it for a customer in my local lush, and I was pleasantly surprised.


    Lovely Jubblies is also a good eye cream if you're looking tired. It's going to tighten/firm the skin that creates the look of an under eye "bag"

    1. Oooh! Great tip Jessie! I'll try that one out! I've used my Leap Frog now and I really enjoyed it! You're right it smells better in the bath!! x