Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Charmed, I'm Sure

I went shopping this week and I popped into Topshop for a look at the make up range as it's not available of any of my local To' Sho's.

I was really looking for another nail art pen but they were nowhere to be seen! I noticed the stunning make up on the girls in the images for the new Spring collection called Sisters Of The New Moon and I was bowled over by one of the lipsticks.

Charmed is a glossy light coral, not as orange as it appears in the picture. I absolutely love this colour, for me it's like my perfect nude. So flattering on my skintone and perfect for the summer with bronzed skin, a coral blush and a brown eyeliner.

The lipstick itself is fab. I've not tried a Topshop lipstick before but this one is a great example. It's very soft and glossy however this makes it wear quickly. I felt it was moisturising which is great additional aspect. I'm not a massive fan of the packaging for this one, I preferred the Smoke and Mirrors tortoiseshell tubes. 

The Sisters Of The New Moon collection is available online here, and Charmed is here. This lipstick was £9.



  1. what a lovely color, it looks really great on you! i love the pop of orange against the blue shirt, really nice xx My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. I got this too, and I absolutely love it. I know what you mean about it wearing quite quickly but the colour is so lovely!
    Is yours scented because I'm sure mine is, if not I'm going crazy?

    I did a post recently about it too

    1. Hi Katie! It's definitely scented! You're not going crazy!! It's almost perfumed, I couldn't name the scent but I quite like it! x