Monday, 2 April 2012

Antipodes Organic Skincare

Recently I had the pleasure of discovering a skincare brand that has made a real difference to my routine and a range that I am thoroughly enjoying using and keen to try more from them.

Antipodes is from New Zealand and uses all natural ingredients with many being organic.

I was first introduced to the brand by the fabulous ProductPixie when she gave a glowing review of the range on her blog. She very generously sent me a sample of the Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream to try myself and after two weeks of use I knew I wanted to try more and purchase my own,

The Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream is a light moisturising eye cream that has a slight gel like texture to it. Made with avocado oil, manuka flower and carrot seed this cream is wonderfully moisturising and I'm sure it has helped to brighten my under eye area although this is not a claim made by Antipodes. It also contains aloe which helps to cool and soothe skin. It's biggest claim is that the cream will help to stimulate collagen production by 82%. I can't comment on that yet, I've been using it for about six weeks now but I will continue to use the cream and keep an eye out.... ;) for any improvements!

This is my favourite product from the range. The Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream is an amazing product. Really. I have noticed the biggest improvement in my skin in the morning after using this luscious cream. My skin is smooth, moisturised and glowing. Honestly one of the most effective night creams I have ever used. Another product to heavily feature avocado oil it's hard not to see the virtues of this natural ingredient. The texture of the cream is velvety soft but not runny it's almost balmy. The night cream also has proven to improve collagen production by 92%!

The Divine Face Oil really lives up to it's name. Again featuring the wonderful avocado oil with rosehip this is a non greasy oil that sinks into my skin very easily and if I have enough time I often apply this before my makeup as I find it a little too rich when combined with the night cream. The oil is certified organic and as with the last two items can help to stimulate collagen production by 51%. It can also help to reduce acne scarring which I have found to be true on a stubborn spot I had for a few days I also find it helps to minimise pores. I would certainly by this again.

The final product I chose was the Aura Manuka Honey Mask. This mask is deeply hydrating and soothing thanks to the manuka honey. It smells literally delicious, like carrot cake! I do not suggest eating it but if you accidentally licked your face I think you would survive! The packaging suggests daily use but I don't have time and would find it unnecessary anyway so I choose to do this mask once or twice a week usually in the morning as it leave a fabulous base for applying makeup. I have enjoyed the mask and I will finish it off however I'm not sure I absolutely must own it all the time, I will probably buy again but not as an essential. 

I purchased the items in this post from but there are few other places to buy it, are offering a free Deliverance hand cream with two Antipodes items and offer 10% off your first order, so take your pick! They are in the higher price bracket I would say but nothing more than Elemis or Decleor.

I have really enjoyed discovering this brand and I feel I shall always use something from the range. I love that they are concious of the ingredients they are using and the sources they come from. My skin responds better to natural elements which is why I've had so much success. I'm keen to try more and I ordered a few more bits and pieces that arrived last week. I've only used them a couple of times and since this post is epically long I shall save them for another day!



  1. I'm so happy you're loving the products as much as I am! x

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