Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nails Inc - Fabulous Trio

If you are a fan of Nails Inc it is a good idea to subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook or Twitter because they often have some amazing deals usually on a Friday that they will let you know about through one of these means.

I took advantage of one of their most recent offers, the Fabulous Trio for £10, an amazing price as normally each polish is £11. Now value I suppose is subjective because I wouldn't necessarily have bought these polishes individually. 

Eagle Street is a rosey biege. Initially I was disappointed with this colour but as I wore it I grew to love it. It's still part of the taupey nudey family that I love but this one has a pink tone to it making it different from the rest of my collection.

Henrietta Street is a classic raspberry red. It's more pink toned than a traditional red, I love it! Very classy!

The star of the show, Chalk Farm. It's an amazing lilac with blue undertones. It looks more like a cornflower in the picture but it has more lilac tones to it. I felt the trio was worth it for this one polish, totally unique in my collection. I absolutely love it!


Friday, 18 March 2011

NOTD - H&M U Must Have This

A stunning bright turquoise. I am totally hypnotized by this colour! Its bright and beautiful! I have nothing else like it. Its the perfect colour for summer, it reminds me of tropical holidays, beaches and bikinis!


Sunday, 13 March 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

DC Comics Amazonian heroine, Wonder Woman recently swooped down upon MAC counters across the world in a bid to beautify all super heroes that encounter the collection.

The collection features limited edition packaging and products, some possessing Amazonian features similar to Wonder Woman herself.

I really love the packing with the comic style images. The nail varnish and the lipstick have a plain red box inside the outer packaging.

The products themselves all have the Wonder Woman and MAC logos emblazoned upon the red and blue casing.

I purchased two blushers, Mighty Aphrodite, left and Amazon Princess, right. Spirit Of Truth nail polish and Marquise'd lipstick.

Mighty Aphrodite was the first sellout of the collection, two thirds of this extra large blusher is a very pretty golden peach with the remaining third being a more coral toned colour. I can understand why everyone wanted to get their hands on this one, I love wearing it, the swatch is awful on my hand there! It is very flattering on my cheeks, it makes me feel sunkissed and glowy. The look is very subtle and one I will be reaching for a lot.

The second blusher in the collection is Amazon Princess. The larger section is a bold blue based pink and the smaller section is a plummy tone. It's not as wild as pictures would have you believe, I can easily wear this colour even with my fair skin. I tend to reach for the main colour and have yet to use the darker complimentary shade, this may be better for contouring for a night out.

One of two polishes in the collection Spirit Of Truth is a striking blue shade. To be honest I chose the blue over the red, Obey Me, as I thought it looked better in the packaging! The polish itself is excellent, one coat would have sufficed however I did two just to be sure! 
On closer inspection it is very similar to China Glaze First Mate. If we are splitting hairs First Mate is the teeniest bit duskier with Spirit Of Truth being a hint brighter.

Hardly anything in it!

Marquise'd is a pinky nude with gold shimmer. I believe this is from a previous collection. Its a very flattering everyday lipstick.  I thought this was going to be "the one" my perfect nude lippie, I like it but I only feel ok about it! I like the gold barrel and it has a red star on it which must have twisted around.

Unfortunately there was a casualty in this quest for super human beauty,

My original Amazon Princess was defeated by the postal system, not even Wonder Woman herself could save this one! MAC customer services were excellent and replaced it immediately. 

Overall I'm pleased with Mighty Aphrodite and Marquise'd, two products I'm sure I'll use all summer.

Did you get anything from this collection?


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Leopard Can Change It's Spots

I played around a little bit last night after looking through some amazing pictures on The Illustrated Nail. Now usually I am really only a fan of a traditional leopard but I thought the coloured ones looked pretty cool! So I gave it a go!

I call this my "summer leopard" I just love the combination of the blue and coral. I used Nails Inc Portobello Road and Essie Haute As Hello. I used the Models Own Black nail art pen to do the black bits.

I've had many compliments today which surprised me as I thought people would question what on earth I was wearing! 

I'm keen to try out new colour combinations and I may try this out on my toes for flip flop wearing weather!


Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jessica Runway Style Collection

Jessica is a brand I like to keep my eye on, I have loved some of their polishes recently and was keen to see their new spring 2011 collection. The Runway Style collection is their latest offering.

I purchased three from the six piece collection, Coquette, Enchantress and Alluring Creature.

Coquette is a light grey shade with an amazing pink iridescence running through. Although you can't see it in the picture, it really makes the polish stand out from the crowd. I expected the polish to be a little deeper in colour however I was so captivated by the pink shimmer It changed my initial disappointment.

This is THE perfect colour for the summer. Enchantress is a true coral shade, not too orange or pink, it sits right in between. I have it on my toes now and it is GORGE! This is my favourite of the three.

Alluring Creature has me on the fence. On the one hand its a very pretty nude pink with lilac undertones and very on trend right now, on the other hand it does nothing for me. It took three coats to get this look and I'm not sure I love it enough to put the work in. It's probably something to do with my skin tone, maybe a darker skin tone or a more tanned complexion would make this colour stand out a little more.

I completely recommended Enchantress from this collection, I like the other two but I could probably live without them. All three had excellent application as I have found with all Jessica polishes so far. I purchased these from They were £6.95 each.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

NOTD - OPI Black Shatter and Nails Inc Kingly Street

In a payday tiz I caved in and bought OPI Black Shatter, it was fresh out on the shelves in John Lewis and I couldn't help myself! 

I immediately pictured the black crackle over the top of a metallic silver and Nails Inc's Kingly stepped up. The silver glitter bomb was part of a Nails Inc Christmas quad released a year or so ago.

I loved the combo of the sparkly silver under the black and it was very eye catching. I received many compliments at work and was asked many questions about how to achieve the look!

Kingly Street took three coats to be truly opaque and unfortunately it was rather brittle and I lost the polish from my thumb after two days. This could have been due to one of two reasons, either the polish was too thick or because I was using a different base coat as I have run out of the amazing CND Stickey.

As for application Black Shatter was very easy to use, you don't have to worry about being neat as the polish shrinks to achieve the look, as a result any mess is tidied up! As I found with the CG Crackles it dries VERY quickly and you must work fast. 

The problem I have always had with the black colour is that I feel it is quite limited with the combination of base colours. I don't want to put black with anything just because "black goes with everything".

Still, I'm glad I bought it and I am excited to try new colour pairings.