Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Leopard Can Change It's Spots

I played around a little bit last night after looking through some amazing pictures on The Illustrated Nail. Now usually I am really only a fan of a traditional leopard but I thought the coloured ones looked pretty cool! So I gave it a go!

I call this my "summer leopard" I just love the combination of the blue and coral. I used Nails Inc Portobello Road and Essie Haute As Hello. I used the Models Own Black nail art pen to do the black bits.

I've had many compliments today which surprised me as I thought people would question what on earth I was wearing! 

I'm keen to try out new colour combinations and I may try this out on my toes for flip flop wearing weather!



  1. This is so good. I'd make a mess doing it, for sure... Minx nails for me. lol!



  2. oh Hannah this is super pretty!!

    I don't suppose you want to paint my nails for me do you?? lol

  3. Absolutely adorable! I just found you and I <3 you :)

  4. Wow this is looks so so effective.. xx

  5. Thanks for the lovely compliments ladies! xxx

  6. I love love love this! I need to try this :) of course I'm obsessed with that blue

  7. That looks fooking awesome!