Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Jessica Runway Style Collection

Jessica is a brand I like to keep my eye on, I have loved some of their polishes recently and was keen to see their new spring 2011 collection. The Runway Style collection is their latest offering.

I purchased three from the six piece collection, Coquette, Enchantress and Alluring Creature.

Coquette is a light grey shade with an amazing pink iridescence running through. Although you can't see it in the picture, it really makes the polish stand out from the crowd. I expected the polish to be a little deeper in colour however I was so captivated by the pink shimmer It changed my initial disappointment.

This is THE perfect colour for the summer. Enchantress is a true coral shade, not too orange or pink, it sits right in between. I have it on my toes now and it is GORGE! This is my favourite of the three.

Alluring Creature has me on the fence. On the one hand its a very pretty nude pink with lilac undertones and very on trend right now, on the other hand it does nothing for me. It took three coats to get this look and I'm not sure I love it enough to put the work in. It's probably something to do with my skin tone, maybe a darker skin tone or a more tanned complexion would make this colour stand out a little more.

I completely recommended Enchantress from this collection, I like the other two but I could probably live without them. All three had excellent application as I have found with all Jessica polishes so far. I purchased these from justnails.co.uk. They were £6.95 each.



  1. must must must have Coquette!

  2. You must! It's so pretty in reality, the pink shimmer is beautiful!

  3. Fab colours!

    How does Enchantress compare to No7 Spice? they look fairly similar

  4. @Cupcake - In my opinion Spice is much brighter, leaning more towards an orange tone. Enchantress is more subtle and a softer shade!