Wednesday, 26 January 2011

NOTD - No7 Spice

Spice is from No7's new spring collection designed exclusively by makeup goddess Lisa Eldridge for Boots.
It is a bright coral colour and screams summer to me! 

I particularly like the packaging, its nice to see a different shaped bottle to the normal No7 polish range and I love the design on the lid which ties in with rest of the collection which includes lipsticks, gel liners and an eyeshadow quad.

There is also another polish in the collection, Sugar, a pretty creamy pink pastel. I was tempted to get both however I felt I wanted to get Essie's French Affair as my pink for the summer.

Application was ok, its quite thick and needs three coats to hide the patchy bits near the cuticle. I am very pleased with the colour so I feel its worth the effort. It will look amazing with a bit of colour on my skin in the summer, I really feel this is a colour I will wear a lot come the warmer weather.

I have compared Spice to couple of similar polishes, Pink Flamingo from Barry M and Tropical Temptation from Revlon.

Pink Flamingo is, as the name suggests much more pink in tone and Tropical Temptation is close but not as bright in colour.

Spice is £7 from Boots, and there is currently a 3 for 2 offer across No7, but move quickly if you fancy the polish as it has sold out online and whole collection is bound to fly off the shelves!



  1. im afraid we wont get that in the states... pretty color though. I'm interested to see what french affair looks like now:)

  2. oh no! I didn't know it was sold out online. I wanted to pick up both, they are such stunning colours and I could have got them today in Cambridge but forgot to go back to boots :( bad times
    Gonna try to get both lippies too - they look gorgeous and maybe a gel eyeliner....

  3. I love that packaging! did you pick up anything else from the collection?

  4. @whimsysophisticat - I looked on the Target website and although they sell No7 they don't have this collection, its a shame as No7 is viewed quite highly in the UK! I can't wait to get French Affair! x

    @Cupcake - The lippies were both lovely and the gel liners looked good too! I can't believe how quickly its selling out, my Boots must have only just put it out because no-one had stuck their finger in the eyeliner yet! x

    @Rachel - I picked up and put down about three times one of the lipsticks, I thought it was lovely but it was in a cardboard case and it looked like it would damage easily. It is a great collection, I can see why it's selling out! x

  5. I was in the Cambridge boots earlier today determined to spend my voucher before Sunday when the collection caught my eye.

    I just totally fell in love with the turquoise eyeliner - I was a little concerned that the texture was too soft and cream, that it wouldn't be firm enough to apply, but it was no trouble! It tries really quickly and the colour is just phenomenal. Most turquoises just aren't bright enough or too metallic, this is just right. You guys should definitely check it out.

    I saw spice too, but wasn't sure how it would look on my tan skintone. But seeing it on you, I think it would compliment it nicely so I'll make another trip!

  6. @Khatija - I really like the look of the eyeliners but having just bought the turquoise MAC one I didn't go for these! I looked at the blue one again today and love the colour!