Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Free Nails Inc?!

Once again Diet Coke have teamed up with Nails Inc and only at Boots you can pick up an exclusive Nails Inc nail varnish when you buy two bottles of Diet Coke. So as soon as I heard the news I hot stepped it down to Boots in my lunch break to see what was on offer! 

There are four colours in total, Plum, Heather Grey and the two I purchased Caramel and Denim.

Despite this being a freebie the quality of the polishes is excellent as you would expect from Nails Inc. I predict Caramel will be the most popular colour, I had to hunt around a bit to find it! That's no surprise to me as it hits the trend for natural nude coloured nails and a gorgeous colour it is too!

It's quite similar to a camel coloured polish I recently bought from Nails Inc, for £11 I might add, Cadogan Square. 

Cadogan Square, Caramel and last years London.

Denim is a lovely dusty teal blue, again on trend for the spring.

So get down to Boots and make the most of this awesome offer, Nails Inc polishes are worth £11 each and for a couple of bottles of Diet Coke its worth the trip! Its runs from today 12/1/11 to 15/2/11 but from memory the last time this offer was available the polishes didn't hang around for long!



  1. Not a fan of Nails Inc and would never pay full whack but free with Coke they work for me! Love the beige one, have a fancy for Models Own Nude Beige at the mo but this one looks like it would hit the spot and the teal blue of Denim is nice too, thanks for the tip off! x

  2. can't wait to get these! such gorgeous colours!

  3. Hot footed it to Boots after I read this and picked up the blue. It is lovely and, IMO, quite similar to OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui which I only have a mini bottle of. The other colours were lovely but far too similar to colours I already have. Thanks for the tip off!

  4. @Debbie Both gorge colours! I still have the blue on now, love it! x

    @Cupcake Hope you get them! x

    @Adele Yes! I agree, I knew it was similar to something, I have that one too! x