Friday, 15 January 2010

Polish Prediction

I'm really enjoying the new collections that are surfacing for Spring and Summer 2010. I love that nail polish brands are finally doing a different coloured collections not just collections of red and burgundy colours. I'm not knocking those types of colours, I have my fair share in my collection, but I think it's time for change.

I think pastel colours are going to be huuuuge this summer. They started to make an appearance last year, I bought a Nails Inc collection in these very colours but didn't really get around to wearing it much.

China Glaze has recently released their Up and Away collection and it has just become available to buy on your favourite e-tailer in the last couple of days.

Illamasqa released pictures of their up and coming collection yesterday.

I have been looking into the brand Orly over the last couple of days and have found promo pic of their Spring 2010 collection

Pixy Stix, Lollipop, Lemonade, Gumdrop, Cotton Candy, Snowcone

I love the look of the Orly collection, all of the colours, and I haver my eye ona few from China Glaze! I hope these colours catch on, how perfect for a lovely summers day to be wearing a pretty pastel colour on your toes or fingers. There is a big trend for floral and more "girly" prints and fabrics coming on to the high street and I think these colours will be perfect!

Will you be buying some of these?

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Carrie Necklace

I love Sex and the City and like to think of myself looking a little bit like Carrie, although I know I don't really! Who doesn't love her style, girly, cute and she always has amazing jewellery.
Her Carrie necklace made a huge fuss from the start. I have always wanted one and considered buying one many times but I am very fussy about the lettering and about the chain that it dangles from. Today the postie brought me my very own Hannah necklace!

I was thumbing through one of my favourite mags, Look, when I came across a feature they were doing about name necklaces and how they are making a comeback this year and of course with the second Sex and the City movie making its way to the cinemas this year, the Carrie necklace will be in full screen glory for us to drool over. Oh just me then!

They had a list of websites to check out but I was drawn to oine that seemed to have the perfect lettering and chain. They quote three weeks for it to be made and sent but mine only took a week to be made and it arrived a couple of days later! I really wanted the gold version but couldn't justify spending £95 on it so I went for the silver option which was £35.

I love it!

Check the site out if you want to wear your name a la Carrie!

Whaddya think? A trend for you or a no go?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A plea!

If you have seen any of my You Tube videos and read any of my earlier blogs you will probably know that I have a rather unhealthy addiction to nail polish! I obsess when I see a new colour that isn't in my collection, I squeal when I see an amazing colour that I HAVE TO HAVE!! I even have a list of OPI colours that I will eventually purchase!

I read lots of nail polish blogs, with my favourite being All Lacquered Up. Michelle, like me, has an obsession with nail varnish and has recently got me addicted to Butter London polishes, which btw are bloomin amazing!

One of Michelle's posts yesterday was for the new Spring 2010 polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge – here. I got very excited by this colour, Diddy Mow.

Wow! What a fab colour! Thanks to ALU for the pic!

I have got one polish from RBL called Black Russian and its fabulous, a wonderful application and long lasting. But, you try and find this brand in the UK, have a pathetic selection and yet they boast that they are the UK's only stockist. This isn't the only nail polish brand that is difficult to get hold of in the UK. OPI in any kind of selection is rare, China Glaze is non-existent and have you ever seen a Zoya polish in Boots? I had to scour the internet for the Butter London polishes that I wanted to buy; I did find them but only had a handful to choose from when their back catalogue is much larger. Why do we miss out on these fabulous products?

I really think there is a gap in our beauty market here. Why aren't Sephora in the UK, do we not have the same beauty obsession as our YT girls in America? Why doesn't Boots go that little bit further to stock some more unusual brands? Even my beloved John Lewis doesn't have a decent selection.

Do you agree? Which brands would you like to see more of on our high street or at least available for delivery in this country!

Rant over. Thank you!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Most Wanted!

My two favorite handbags in my collection are both from Tabitha . If you haven't heard of them they are a small company but are loved by many celebs including Fearne Cotton and Danii Minogue and are often featured in style magazines. They are a bridge between high street and high end designer bags. They are very high quality leather bags and I always love their designs.

I am obsessed with this bag right now!

I neeeed it!!

I love the studded detail and it just looks nice and heavy! It certainly seems to be of the quality I would expect from Tabitha and at £265 I would expect it to be!

Here's a link to their website - Tabitha

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I wish I was wearing this today!

I love floral prints and they are everywhere right now! Most of these items are from Accessorize where I would live if I could I adore almost everything from there! I am also obsessed with boyfriend cardigans, every single one I have bought recently has been in that style, a short one seems wierd to me now!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and festive season and a good new year! I certainly did! As usual at this time of year we all make promises that we are going to improve our lives in the following shiny New Year well here are mine,

1. A cliché I know but I want to lose some more weight. This is my main priority this year! I want to lose at least another stone, I have lost 2 stone 5 pounds in the past six months so I know I can do it, I'm not setting myself any deadlines but I'll be disappointed if I haven't achieved it by my birthday in July.

2. I want to restart my Interior Design course. I started a home learning course that I thought I could manage to do along with working but I am so lazy I have just let it slide and have only completed one assignment. I need to give myself a good kick up the bum!

3. Take up a hobby. I literally do the same thing every night when I get home from work, I'm sure it’s the same as most people but I get on the internet and I usually stay there until bedtime! I need to broaden my horizons!

4. Save some money for a LV Speedy 35! A shallow resolution I know but I am terrible at saving any money, I spend everything on pay day! It would be a personal achievement for me to save up for something significant.

5. Work. I need to do something different at work, I don't want to leave my job because I enjoy it but I want to do something else within my department. This means talking to the boss.... scary lady!!

6. Update my blog more often! Thank you so much to my followers but I neglect this blog, I will do my best to update it, even if it’s just a FOTD! I enjoy YT videos because they are so easy, blogging means I have to use my brain which I have had on standby for some time now! Perhaps this is what I need to get the grey matter going!

What are your new year’s resolutions?