Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Carrie Necklace

I love Sex and the City and like to think of myself looking a little bit like Carrie, although I know I don't really! Who doesn't love her style, girly, cute and she always has amazing jewellery.
Her Carrie necklace made a huge fuss from the start. I have always wanted one and considered buying one many times but I am very fussy about the lettering and about the chain that it dangles from. Today the postie brought me my very own Hannah necklace!

I was thumbing through one of my favourite mags, Look, when I came across a feature they were doing about name necklaces and how they are making a comeback this year and of course with the second Sex and the City movie making its way to the cinemas this year, the Carrie necklace will be in full screen glory for us to drool over. Oh just me then!

They had a list of websites to check out but I was drawn to oine that seemed to have the perfect lettering and chain. They quote three weeks for it to be made and sent but mine only took a week to be made and it arrived a couple of days later! I really wanted the gold version but couldn't justify spending £95 on it so I went for the silver option which was £35.

I love it!

Check the site out if you want to wear your name a la Carrie!

Whaddya think? A trend for you or a no go?


  1. wow i love that! I've never seen satc (shock horror!) but that necklace is gorgeous. Looks super cool. Which length chain did you get? Never knew your name was Hannah either, always known you as snowdrop85!

  2. Woah! You never seen SATC! I got a 16" chain, there was an option for 18" but I always think thats a little long for me!