Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A plea!

If you have seen any of my You Tube videos and read any of my earlier blogs you will probably know that I have a rather unhealthy addiction to nail polish! I obsess when I see a new colour that isn't in my collection, I squeal when I see an amazing colour that I HAVE TO HAVE!! I even have a list of OPI colours that I will eventually purchase!

I read lots of nail polish blogs, with my favourite being All Lacquered Up. Michelle, like me, has an obsession with nail varnish and has recently got me addicted to Butter London polishes, which btw are bloomin amazing!

One of Michelle's posts yesterday was for the new Spring 2010 polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge – here. I got very excited by this colour, Diddy Mow.

Wow! What a fab colour! Thanks to ALU for the pic!

I have got one polish from RBL called Black Russian and its fabulous, a wonderful application and long lasting. But, you try and find this brand in the UK, HQhair.com have a pathetic selection and yet they boast that they are the UK's only stockist. This isn't the only nail polish brand that is difficult to get hold of in the UK. OPI in any kind of selection is rare, China Glaze is non-existent and have you ever seen a Zoya polish in Boots? I had to scour the internet for the Butter London polishes that I wanted to buy; I did find them but only had a handful to choose from when their back catalogue is much larger. Why do we miss out on these fabulous products?

I really think there is a gap in our beauty market here. Why aren't Sephora in the UK, do we not have the same beauty obsession as our YT girls in America? Why doesn't Boots go that little bit further to stock some more unusual brands? Even my beloved John Lewis doesn't have a decent selection.

Do you agree? Which brands would you like to see more of on our high street or at least available for delivery in this country!

Rant over. Thank you!


  1. Totally agree with you!!! The US has much better selection than the UK. Make Up For Ever is the one I want in the UK a lot more...I think 2 places sell it here! Both in London! :(
    I think if Boots stocked some more of the US brands which are well known over YT then they would be an instant success!!
    Natalie XOXO

  2. I'm in 100% agreement too. We used to have Sephora maybe 10-12 years ago. I used to love love going in there when I was a kid, for some reason it just didn't catch on here. However I will say it is incredibly intimidating going into a Sephora store because of the sheer variety, we're just not used to shopping for beauty on that scale here. Whenever I'm in Paris I head to Saphora straight away :-)
    China glaze I can buy at my local Sally's. I've never seen a Zoya polish for sale here either. It's a damn shame I tell you!

  3. Finally! Somebody agrees with me! Beauty girls unite!