Sunday, 19 September 2010

Jessica Muse Collection

Jessica have created a stunning new set of polishes for this season called the Muse collection.
The colours are totally on trend for this winter. Although the whole collection caught my attention I went for the two that stood out the most to me.

Victorian Crush

A wonderful shade of khaki olive green. I love this on, it feels like a really cool colour to be wearing, like a new neutral. 
I have nothing like it in my collection the only one I could find that was similar is Apple Tree Yard from Nails Inc.

Worn on the middle finger there you can see it has more blue in than Victorian Crush.


Now this was the one of all of them that I wanted the most! You have all heard about my obsession for brown polishes and this is totally the kind of thing I want! It's not the perfect one I am still looking for but I absolutely love it! It has a very tiny gold shimmer running through it that just catches the light and really glows.

They both applied beautifully, Jessica has such a great formula and although I don't have many I can highly recommend the brand. My first experience with Jessica was many years ago at a hotel spa in Bahrain, I purchased one polish back then and they have always been an intriguing brand to me. I really want to get more from them, certainly from the Muse collection and also the Naked collection.

I purchased these from who also deliver free worldwide.


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