Friday, 3 September 2010

It's Love! ♥

Yay! I am so excited to have a new haircut!
I looove getting my hair trimmed, it makes me feel very refreshed and pretty again!
I suddenly had a day last week where I HAD to get my hair cut, almost there and then! I knew I wouldn't get an appointment with my normal hair God Simon at Toni & Guy, he gets booked up weeks ahead so I plucked up the courage to try somewhere new.
I have had many appointments where I have cried the moment I stepped outside the salon so trying a new one made me very nervous!

I had a stylist recommended at a salon next to work so I booked for last Friday. I just told her that I wanted the same but shorter! 

Et voila!

Holy moly I love it!

I have been wanting to trim my fringe for ages so she did that too, she knew exactly what would suit me and I almost cried, tears of joy this time, when she showed me the back with the mirror! I have had this kind of style before and I have always loved it but I felt I wanted to grow my hair. However I have very fine hair, but there is a lot of it, as soon as it gets past my shoulder it goes limp and lifeless, alas I will never have Kardashian style locks *sheds a tear*

So a huge thanks to Amy at Michael John for my new look, I love it!

Some slightly dodgy shots for you!



  1. hannah you look amazing!
    so pretty and fresh faced!
    i think you have lost a little more weight too?
    go you!!


  2. have you lost weight? you and your new haircut look beautiful

  3. That is so gorgeous! Really suits you! I might take your pic in next time I get a cut if you don't mind:)

  4. Thanks girls! I have lost a little more weight! A few pounds to go but I'm really pleased with myself!! I can't wait to get it cut again!! Its only been two weeks! xx