Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ins and Outs!

Hey Guys!

I like reading these so I thought I could contribute!!


Birthdays - Mine was on Monday and I had THE best day ever! I got lovely presents and a surprise phone call that made my day!

Big rings - I am currently obsessing with large rings, I am wearing a beautiful cream coloured rose from Accessorize and have another two in a similar style waiting to be worn on my dresser!

MAC Dazzleglass - So pretty and sparkly! My fave (this week!) is Love Alert.

Monsoon Sale - Loads of gorgeous skirts half price! Got myself two!

MAC Naked Honey Salve - Ahh-Mazing! I am gonna try and find a back up, its the only product I have ever felt the need to back up!

The Anticipation of A Holiday - The pre holiday shopping, the day dreams of sunny days and chilling by the pool.

Loosing Weight - Lost 1 stone now! 9lbs to go before my hols!!


Birthdays - This is the first year I feel old :(

The Weather - Urmmm its July..... wheres the sun and the heat? I feel like my life if wasting away waiting for the sun to come out. It makes me angry.

Loosing Weight - Or not loosing any weight this week! It has been my birthday though!!

Nude Lipstick - I cannot find one that works with me! Lollipop26 makes me want to wear a nude lip but I might have to admit I can't pull it off!

I think that's all for now! Wow, that was actually very therapeutic!!

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