Saturday, 17 March 2012

American Apparel Nail Lacquer

I have always been intrigued by the American Apparel Nail Lacquer line but I really wanted to see them in person before commiting to purchsing. I threw caution to the wind and purchased online, since there are barely, if any shops outside London. Loads of you guys recommended a couple of colours to me when I mentioned in a vid that I wanted a searing bright red for the summer. 

Sunset Boulevard, Crescent Heights, Poppy, The Valley and Neon Red.

First up Sunset Boulvevard,

Sunset Boulevard is a bright coral peach. It has a soft look to it and will be perfect for the summer, the sort of colour that looks fab with gold accessories and a tan! 

It's ok! I know what you are thinking! However Crescent Heights is actually a pleasant colour on the nails, it's not quite as fugly or as slimey green as it looks in the picture! I bought it to do some nail art with, I thought it was similar to the OPI Nicki Minaj colour Did It On Em' which I haven't been able to find on its own. I ended up liking it although it's the sort of colour I would tire of and would probably reserve for an evening out or a weekend. I actually think it would look great with a black dress and a bright lippie.

Poppy was one of the colours recommended to me on You Tube. It's not a ground breaking colour however it is a fab example of a bright summer red. Poppy is the perfect description for it, I found it to be similar but not a bright as Essie's Ole Caliente.

The Valley, along with Crescent Heights are newer to the range. It's a sky blue that has a slight dusty quality. I like it a lot, I can't think of many dupes in my collection although I'm sure I'll find one!

Another recommendation and probably my favourite from the haul is Neon Red. This is almost exactly what I was looking for, I say almost as I wanted this brightness but a shade or two darker! However I adore the searing bright tone of this polish. I wore it with black and looked amazing! Application is great on this one, I found it wasn't cursed with the problems of patchy streakiness like many other neons. This will be fab toe colour whilst on holiday!

So that's my little haul. Overall I'm impressed with the quality, I love the bottles and I love the labelling. In hindsight they are little too expensive for what they are I think £9 is a couple of £'s too much and I wish they did an offer like three for £15 or something, I would definitely buy more that way. I believe they do somthing like that in the US. If I had seen them instore I would have skipped on Poppy as I can dupe it a number of times from my own stash and probably The Valley as I'm not blown away by it, I feel like Barry M would have a similar colour. 

My experience with the actual purchasing of the polish was pretty bad, they took nearly three weeks to arrive and it was only after pestering the customer service team that they were sent out. I was told one of the colours was out of stock but I didn't receive a notification in that whole time. I think it took the shine off my initial excitement of ordering.

I will be following the collection though and wouldn't hesitate at getting another unique colour from the range. I kinda feel a bit cooler wearing an AA polish!

Have you got any recommendations, I nearly purchased Office and L'Esprit, maybe next time!



  1. those colors are amazing! so pigmented and bright, wow.. love them all xx
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  2. I love them, kisses, RA