Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Most Wanted!

This is a very shallow post and I apologize but I wanted to share some of the things I have been lusting after this week! The internet allows us to shop 24/7 and lets face it we love it! So here are some things I have spied this week.
Nails Inc Muted Bright Collection

I have only seen this collection on QVC's website. It has two of the colours I have been desperate to get in this collection, previously they were in other, separate bundles and I had all of the other colours! The blue on the left, Halkin Street and the khaki green in the middle, Battersea Park. I hope it stays in stock until pay day!

I am so excited to get to Debenhams to try this scent! I adore everything that Elemis do and I really hope that this is a fresh clean smelling fragrance, just the kind of thing I like. I have only seen this on the Debenhams site and I'm not sure if it is exclusive them or if it will be available elsewhere.

This is the Lois dress from Monsoon, again another of my all time favourite brands! I'm really loving dresses and the moment and wore a summer dress I recently bought at Monsoon for the first time yesterday and it made me feel fabulous! I feel like this dress would give me the same feeling!

Continuing my summery theme I love his bag, I am always attracted to anything with Flamingo's on it, i have now idea why! Maybe they make me think of hot Florida summer holidays! This is from Accessorize, its going on my shopping list!

OMG! I love gold sandals, but gold sandals with Swarovski crystals?!! Gimmie!! Oh and they are from my fave shop, Accessorize! I will be buying these soon, I do not want to miss out on these for the summer, I may not be able to wear them for months but at least I will have them in anticipation of a hot summer!

Well that was a very summery feeling blog post! That was unintentional but clearly I'm hoping for the summer to come soon!



  1. Hi! I love your yt-channel & your blog! :)

  2. i also want that nails inc set but so many colours are similar to what i have. Did you see the ice cream set on qvc as well that was also yummy xx