Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ins and Outs!

  • Autumn! I love the colours of the countryside right now, and I love needing to wear a big cardi and a scarf to go out in the morning!
  • Eyeliner - as a newbie to eyeliner I just looove how my eyes look with it on! I just need to practice the different ways to line my eyes
  • Holiday Collections - All of the nail polish brands a bringing out their Holiday Collections, I am looking forward to getting a couple of OPI's and there is yet another Nails Inc quad to get!
  • Neon Pink toes - I have purchased my first neon polish after watching Elles video, with the genius title, if it's not NEON it shouldn't BE ON! I love it!

  • Being cold - a side effect of Autumn arriving!
  • Stressing about whether to dye my hair or not! I want to go darker for the winter and I have bought a plum colour but when I suggested this colour to my hairdresser he pretty much shouted nooooo and said don't do it! On the other hand I love my natural highlighs that I have right now but they will be covered by the dye.
  • Rollercoasters - I'm going to Thorpe Park tomorrow and I have never been on a rollercoaster! I'm bricking it!
  • Miley Cyrus not being on Twitter - she left :( I understand why though!
  • Having to wait a week to see the next episode of Gossip Girl! Series 3 started on Wednesday, seriously the best thing on TV!
Do you have any ins and outs in your life right now? Let me know!


  1. watch them on there! when the thing to install pops up, just cancel and you can continue xx