Thursday, 16 April 2009

China Glazin

Thanks to You Tube I now have a full on crazy obsession with China Glaze. I cannot stop thinking about it, I find myself daydreaming about the next colour I will use on my nails, btw I am wearing Cow Girl Up, a beautiful purple colour.
China Glaze is not the best polish out there, OPI and Nails Inc have better formulations, however their colour palette is incredible and like nothing else I've ever seen or that is available here in the UK.

I made my first purchase after watching a bazzillion videos on You Tube, from Sallys but I was soooo disappointed with their range, it was pants. I bought two anyway, just to try them before I made my haul from
After the stress of ordering from the US and the unknown import charges I vowed never to buy from the US again...... FAIL.

I have placed another order with head2toe and its all this collections fault,

The colours are awesome! I have ordered these ones from the collection,


Custom Kicks

Sky High Top


Sneaker Head


OMG! I cannot wait for them to come! I will post a video when I get them, I don't think they have been released yet because I haven't had a confirmation of despatch yet.

Do you like the new collection?

Which is your favourite China Glaze colour?

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