Saturday, 1 October 2011

I Received A Blog Award :)

I am very lucky to have made some lovely friends through blogging and You Tube and recently I was lucky to receive an award from the lovely Cara from A fellow nail addict!

To accept the award I have to,

♥ Thank and link back to the person that awarded you,
♥ Write 7 random things about yourself,
♥ Spread the love to 20 of your favourite bloggers,

Ok, here we go!

1. As well as being obsessed with nail varnish I am addicted to collecting fabric. I get very excited by beautiful fabrics and have a stash of materials from Sanderson, Harlequin, Villa Nova and Cath Kidston.
2. I think I'm semi double jointed, I can get my leg behind my head!
3. I have recently become a bit of a roller coaster junkie! Having been terrified of them my whole life I went on the Saw ride at Thorpe Park about two years ago and then I went to Alton Towers twice in a year and I'm going next year too! I'd love to go back to Orlando and go to Universal and Busch Gardens after being to scared to go on the rides when I was younger!
4. I hate making phone calls, if I can put it off I will, it gets me into trouble though!
5. I don't own a pair of jeans.
6. One of my biggest regrets is not sticking with musical instruments when I was younger, I played the clarinet and flute but due to moving house and schools I gave up. I enjoyed it!
7. I would love to have my own shop selling cushions, rugs, furniture and home items I just love all that stuff!

Here are 20 of my fave blogs, beauty, fashion, food and interiors,

Thanks again Cara! :)



  1. Hi Hannah!

    Thank you very much for mentioning my blog! :-)
    Good night!


  2. I have just seen this! Thank you so much for this xxx